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Ken Savage

Ken Savage

President, Financial Advisor/Investment Advisor Representative

My name is Ken Savage. I am a Financial Advisor/Investment Advisor Representative with over two decades of experience helping clients develop a sound investment portfolio with minimal risk to principal.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics/Minor in Finance-University of North Carolina
Bachelor of Science in Geography-Old Dominion University

Business Experience: I have been a Financial Advisor since the late 90’s. My career began with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, where I proudly trained in the Twin Towers. I have served clients in North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Kansas for over a decade and a half. Over this time, I have helped my family of clients navigate in what I believe has been the most precarious minefield of investments in recent times (Y2K/Dot-com Bust, Mortgage Crisis of 2008, the sideways to down movement of 2015, and most recently the January market* meltdown of 2016) comparable only to what anyone had experienced since the two decades following the Great Depression.

Resources: It is my goal to provide my clients with the most cutting-edge information based on the current economic state of the national and global economy through impeccable research. I am NOT beholden to any Wall Street Investment Bank. The ONLY thing I care about is the welfare of my clients and providing them with a clear path to their goals. Here is a short list from where I obtain what I believe is the most advanced and timely global economic/investment information: Franklin-Templeton, JP Morgan, Fidelity, BlackRock, The Federal Reserve Data Base (FRED), Allianz, MetLife, and MorningStar/TD Ameritrade (Independent and Unbiased Research).

Specialties: Market Neutral Investments, Tax-Advantaged Investments, Municipal Bonds, Estate Planning, Annuities, 401k Plans, 401k/403b Rollovers, Life Insurance and Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

On a personal note, I live in Carolina Beach, NC with my wife and our beloved little Shih Tzu. My wife and I both grew up in the Northeast and now feel very blessed to live at the beach in such a beautiful community where the weather is great and everyone is so caring and nice. The greatest thing is when winter comes around all we have to do is shovel all of the heat off of our car and driveway.

For a complimentary, independent consultation Mr. Savage can be contacted directly at (910) 599-2182 or

Thank you for your consideration,
Ken Savage

*Dow Jones Industrial Average